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Don’t fear filler:

Boost and define your lips … naturally!

Injectable fillers are among the most versatile cosmetic treatments available at Dr. Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa. From her office in Chesterfield, Dr. Gurley serves the St. Louis, Missouri, area and beyond with an array of products to soften lines and wrinkles, correct volume loss in the cheeks and other regions, and improve the appearance of scars and other depressions. Depending on the type of filler used, its ingredients, and its consistency, we can even boost the appearance of thin and otherwise poorly-defined lips.

The RHA® Collection

While options to suit every patient’s unique desires are available, Dr. Gurley prefers to use the RHA® Collection of dermal fillers from Revance and Teoxane. These resilient hyaluronic acid fillers are globally recognized as the most natural option on the market. Their molecular structure closely mimics our own hyaluronic acid, allowing these fillers to not only look beautiful but also function and maintain their appearance exceptionally well. Dr. Gurley chooses the RHA® Collection of injectable fillers because they hold up well, look natural, and perform well in dynamic areas of the face. Dr. Gurley says, “My patients love that no one can tell they have even had filler!”

Lip filler to the rescue!

Lips can thin just like skin in other parts of the face and body. Your pout is also vulnerable to damage due to exposure to harmful UV light and habits like smoking, which can detract from the formerly appealing appearance of this central facial feature. Like other products, the filler may be injected to enlarge the lips naturally, and as the lips are plumped, this process also has a softening effect on lip wrinkles. Filler can also correct perioral wrinkles, such as those vertical lines above the lips. We will sit down with you to discuss the products that may be best to reach your goals and address your specific preferences and needs. 

The process

Injections are performed in the comfort of our office. Just the right amount of filler is injected into precise areas of the lips to achieve your desired improvement. The procedure shouldn’t hurt because Dr. Gurley will numb you completely. As we go along, the injection sites are evaluated with you until the desired result is reached. We will review everything you should expect before, during, and after the procedure, including any after-care. While fillers are highly effective, they are not permanent. Dr. Gurley says, “Once we achieve the desired look you deserve, maintenance is easy.”

No “duck lips” here!

Dr. Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa strives to support results everyone will notice, but no one will know that you have undergone cosmetic treatment. The idea with lip filler is to use the best product for you to create a more proportionate, balanced, and attractive appearance. It should suit and complement the other features of your face. Lips can look bloated or unnatural when they are “overfilled” or if the filler is “misplaced,” causing complications that are also associated with functional problems. Overfilled lips can impact the surrounding anatomy and muscle function. By choosing Dr. Gurley as your injector, these risks are minimized. You look like yourself, only better – more rested, vibrant, and healthy. 

Schedule a consultation to learn more about today’s lip fillers in our skillful hands. Our St. Louis, MO area team can be reached at (636) 812-4300.

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