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No one will know. Everyone will notice.™

Often copied, Botox® Cosmetic shines with proven wrinkle correction to bring out your natural “best”


This is a Non-Surgical Procedure

Botox® Cosmetic has been associated with treating the signs of aging for more than 20 years. While other products in its treatment category have entered the market in more recent years, Botox® remains a pioneer in improving the appearance of expression lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. At the office of Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Chesterfield, we treat individuals from the St. Louis area and beyond with Botox® as well as a range of other neuromodulators and additional aesthetic, injectable treatments. While Dr. Gurley is a skilled Plastic Surgeon, she is also proud to offer many nonsurgical treatments for patients who are not ready for or who do not want to undergo surgical procedures. 

Botox® for beautifully smooth skin

The structural components responsible for skin elasticity and firmness change as we age. Formerly “dynamic” lines that were only present when squinting, frowning, or otherwise expressing yourself now appear as “static” or permanent features of the face. As the skin loses elastin, it can no longer bounce back and retain its pre-movement form. Fortunately, Dr. Gurley can combat this loss of elasticity and erase or improve the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead, and worry lines with neuromodulators like Botox®. Also known as neurotoxins, Botox® and other neuromodulators like Daxxify™ are specially formulated to disrupt the muscle activity responsible for static expression lines. Only the muscles injected with Botox® are affected. So, you look natural and only more well-rested and rejuvenated because a muscle that cannot contract and remains at rest does not contribute to the process that leads to lines and furrows in the skin.

What to expect

Dr. Gurley will discuss ways to keep you comfortable at every step in the process. Botox® is generally very well tolerated. The formulation is applied precisely in just the right amounts to the targeted muscles in the upper portion of the face. It is a “no-downtime” procedure whose most common side effect is temporary bruising. Full effects can be visible within 14 days. And, to retain your restored, vibrant, and healthy appearance, we can repeat Botox® injections once every three to four months. 

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Few nonsurgical, injectable cosmetic treatments have been studied and analyzed for as long as Botox® has, and it truly has a robust track record of effectively and safely transforming the appearance of the skin for the better. There is one caveat here: Botox® and related products and procedures are also truly “technique-specific.” The outcomes, experience, and safety associated with Botox® are only as “good” as the skill and experience of the person injecting it. You can trust Dr. Gurley’s considerable artistry and experience with cosmetic treatments. She prides herself in getting natural-looking results that are true to our tagline: “No one will know. Everyone will notice.™” Our practice and medical spa in Chesterfield serves the St. Louis, MO area and welcomes your call to (636) 812-4300.

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