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Heal your skin from within via microneedling for discoloration, visible pores, laxity, and so much more!

Dr. Judith Gurley is an experienced and talented board-certified plastic surgeon. So, you know that your surgical procedure in the St. Louis, Missouri, area is in exceptional hands by partnering with her office in Chesterfield. However, Dr. Gurley also understands that not every patient is ready for surgery, nor wants or is a good candidate for surgical interventions. Fortunately, they don’t have to “go under the knife” to renew their exuberant, healthy, and youthful look!

Microneedling to the rescue

Microneedling represents one of numerous nonsurgical therapies to improve signs of aging, UV damage, and other skin conditions and concerns. This treatment is gently applied with a special device to the area of concern – be it wrinkles, brown spots, the redness of rosacea, scars, big pores, laxity, or stretch marks. This device is equipped with dozens of tiny “microneedles.” 

When applied to the skin, these sterile and tiny needles create thousand of microscopic channels in the skin. These controlled perforations then encourage highly beneficial healing and tissue regeneration. Fresh collagen and elastin are triggered and sent to these areas to promote healing and new tissue that is firm, strong, and supple.

Dr. Gurley herself performs microneedling and injections with prf or laser therapy to enhance results and speed up the healing process.

What to expect

Most patients experience little more than slight redness or swelling in the treatment area. The procedure is very precise. So, areas outside of the treated tissues remain untouched. Most side effects will dissipate within three days. You can also cover any discoloration with regular makeup and return to your usual routine the following day. 

Skin is often more sensitive to UV light following microneedling and other therapies at our office. So, it is all the more important to retain good “sun protection hygiene,” wear a good physical UVA-UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen, and adhere to other sun avoidance measures. With good skin care, results can last for up to four to six weeks longer than a “standard” facial.

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