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Radio Frequency Microneedling – St. Louis

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling utilizes highly focused energy into the superficial and deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production which improves the overall health of the skin. This device creates micro channels into the skin’s surface creating a healthy healing process that reduces wrinkles and improves the skin’s texture. There is no need for topical numbing of the skin because this treatment is quick and comfortable. Patients will experience minimal downtime and continue to see skin improvements for weeks to come.

What You Can Expect

ProcedureWhat does the procedure entail?

The esthetician will cleanse your face and apply the Microneedling probe to your skin creating micro wounds while the RF energy heats up the tissues to begin the tightening effects.

Alternatives Are there any alternatives?

Microdermabrasion and Microneedling are alternatives to RF Microneedling. RF Microneedling can also be used in conjunction with IPL (SmoothGlo™), and at home skincare to further enhance results (rO, illume glo, illume Exfo Pads, to name a few).

RecoveryWhat can I expect?

With Radio Frequency Microneedling you will experience a short recovery as you will have minimal redness, swelling and a light sandpaper fee to your skin by the next day. You are free to use gentle products in your daily routine until 3 days post treatment. We recommend daily use of a physical SPF that is safe for post procedure skin.

CandidatesWho is a good candidate?

You may be a candidate for this procedure if:

You would like to reduce the appearance of scars, pore size, wrinkles, UV damage, or rosacea; you want your skin to have more bounce and elasticity; you are looking for greater skin improvements than a facial can offer; you’re interested in a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure, and you would like a treatment with a quick recovery time.

CostWhat is the approximate cost for What is the approximate cost for Radio Frequency Microneedling?

The cost for RF Microneedling ranges from:

  • $350-$750

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Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Radio Frequency Microneedling creates tiny punctures in your skin while heating up the tissues to encourage collagen and elastin production. The heat that is generated stimulates a natural healing process to improve skin tone and texture. This procedure can be done every 4 weeks until you achieve the lasting results you are looking for. Experience this treatment in a plastic surgeon’s office where health, sterility, and safety is paramount.

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