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Facial Fat Grafting – St. Louis


This is a Non-Surgical Procedure

Facial fat grafting is used to add volume to the face. Since fat comes from you, it’s full of your own natural growth factors and tissue stimulators bringing not only volume but brightness and wellness to your skin. This is the most natural and long-lasting way to fill and sculpt the face, giving a “lifted,” more rested, and youthful appearance.

Facial fat grafting is ideal for patients who want to use their own body fat as a “filler.” This grafted fat lasts longer than other fillers and ages with the patient. For delicate areas such as under the eyes, cheeks, chin, and temples, using your own fat can create the most natural look that lasts for years. Grafted fat can also be used to create smoothness, fill in defects, or correct asymmetry. Facial fat grafting pairs well with other treatments such as laser resurfacing, microneedling, and dermal fillers.

What You Can Expect


Facial fat grafting encompasses two treatments in one: harvesting fat (liposuction) from one part of your body and putting fat into (grafting) another part of the body. The liposuction portion of fat grafting adds an added benefit of fat removal from an area of unwanted fat. You and Dr. Gurley will discuss the location from where you would like the fat removed. Using numbing medications and small cannulas, fat can be removed while you are in the office. However, if you prefer, general anesthesia may be used for a painless procedure.


The best alternative to facial fat grafting is dermal filler. Like fat, dermal fillers can “fill” hollow areas and augment other areas. Facial fillers exist in syringes or vials and are easily administered in the office. Non-fat fillers are temporary sources of volume that do not require liposuction and can be done readily and conveniently in the office. Because there are so many differences between fat and fillers, it is important that you are carefully examined and counseled so that you are well informed and can make the best decision.


The recovery process is fairly swift. There will be some temporary bruising and swelling from where the fat is placed and from where it is removed. Makeup can be worn within a few days to hide any bruising. Usually, by 1-2 weeks, these areas will have no bruising, but mild swelling will persist for several weeks. Support garments help control swelling and speed up recovery from where fat is harvested in the liposuction areas.


Those who prefer not to use a synthetic dermal filler or those who wish to supplement their dermal fillers are great candidates for facial fat grafting. Fat and dermal fillers can be used in combination. Candidates must also have an area or areas of their body where there is an excess of fat that can be removed.

Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Dr. Gurley uses fat to re-establish cheekbones, fill in tear troughs (under-eye hollows), and lift the soft tissues of the face naturally. This method of facial balancing not only adds volume to different areas but also enhances the luster and luminosity of the skin’s surface with its inherent deposition of growth factors and collagen stimulators. Careful attention to detail, safety, and beauty is a must. While other fillers are temporary and may leave behind scar tissue, fat can last for decades. Dr. Gurley is an expert in determining what type of filler is best for each patient and will consult with you to determine how best to reach your aesthetic goals. Dr. Gurley says, “Fat is my filler of choice when pairing with other treatments such as skin lasers, microneedling, and cell regenerative therapies.

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