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Tubular Breast Correction – St. Louis

Tubular or tuberous breasts are a common condition that has numerous impacts on breast shape. With breast deformity, tubular breasts, constricted breasts, and herniated areolas to name a few the severity and asymmetry can have a profound effect on breast aesthetics, and balance, and can lead to a loss of confidence. Dr. Gurley specializes in congenital breast deformities and will use her extensive experience to normalize the appearance of the breast as much as possible. This condition becomes obvious to most women during the early stages of puberty. Dr. Gurley and her medical colleagues agree that patients do not need to wait until they are 18 years of age to correct this condition if they are ready mentally and physically. Dr. Gurley will assess each patient’s emotional and developmental maturity.

What You Can Expect

ProcedureWhat does the procedure entail?

Correcting tubular breasts is not a simple procedure. Dr. Gurley’s Board Certification in Plastic Surgery has given her the surgical principals needed to treat this potentially complex condition. Your breasts will be altered, if needed, three dimensionally, taking into account the width, projection, and length of the breast and skin envelope. This is a great opportunity to also correct breast size or misshapen areolas. You will enjoy a more round, full and natural appearing breast not only naked but in clothes as well.

RecoveryWhat can I expect?

Following the surgery, you may need a day or two of rest, at which point most patients will return to their normal activities. We recommend that you refrain from running, jogging or any strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks after the surgery. You will be able to shower right after the surgery. All stiches are dissolvable, and we will provide all the supportive garments needed for your recovery.

CandidatesWho is a good candidate?

You may want to consider this procedure if:

You have been diagnosed with tuberous breasts, breast asymmetry, or unusually shaped breasts. Most patients with this condition have other underlying abnormalities such as droopy breasts, breasts that are uneven, areola enlargement, and fatty deposits near the armpit. Very rarely this condition is associated with Poland’s Syndrome, which is a congenital absence of the upper extremity musculoskeletal components.

CostWhat is the approximate cost for Tubular Breast Correction?

The cost for tubular breast correction surgery usually falls within this range, however you will receive an exact cost when you meet with Dr. Gurley.

  • $14,000-$24,000

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Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Dr. Gurley’s years of experience means that she can work with you to determine the best course of action for your tubular breast condition. There are no two patients alike when it comes to tubular or congenital deformities, so it’s critical to have the experience to be able to tailor surgery for each patient. The outcome results in not only improved physical appearance but also an improvement in self-image, confidence, and well-being.

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