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Breast Procedures

Breast reduction

Breast Reduction

For smaller, lifted, and more proportional breasts

Breast lift

Breast Lift

For elevating and reshaping the breasts

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

For fuller, more feminine breasts

Tubular Breast Correction

Tubular Breast Correction

To correct abnormal breast shape

Breast Augmentation And Lift

Breast Augmentation And Lift

For reshaping and adding fullness to the breasts

Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction

To reduce the size of the pigmented area around the nipple

Adolescent Breast Reduction

Adolescent Breast Reduction

For smaller, lifted, and more proportional breasts

Breast implant removal

Breast Implant Removal or Replacement

To update or change implant size or shape

Breast Implant Removal with Lift

Breast Implant Removal with Lift

For restoring your breasts to a more natural and beautiful state

Asymmetrical Breast Correction

Asymmetrical Breast Correction

For improved breast symmetry

Body Procedures



For removing bulges and inches and for putting the body back in alignment

Tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck

For tightening the tummy and pubic area by removing bulk, stretch marks or loose, hanging skin

Mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover

A combination of procedures that focus on breast and belly



For smaller and less pronounced labial folds

Monsplasty (FUPA Reduction) - St. Louis

Monsplasty (FUPA Reduction)

For removing bulges, fullness, and excess skin in the pubic area.

C - section scare

C-Section Scar Correction

To minimize the appearance of a cesarean section scar

Mini Tummy Tuck - St. Louis

Mini Tummy Tuck

For smoothing and tightening the tummy

Arm Lift - St. Louis

Arm Lift

For smaller, tighter, more-toned upper arms

Body Lift

Body Lift

For getting rid of excess skin and fat and for rebuilding the midsection, flanks, and pubic area

Face Procedure


This is a Non-Surgical Procedure


Lip filling


To lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for up to 6-9 months


Botox treatment


To prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Facial filler real patient result

Facial Fillers

To smooth the appearance of fine lines

Lips filler patient real results

Lip Filler

Sample text

Eyelid Lift treatment

Eyelid Lift

For eyes that look bright & well-rested


Fat grafting real patient result

Fat Grafting and Facial Fillers

For natural facial contouring or filling

Face and neck lifts treatment

Face and Neck Lifts

For a natural, more youthful facial appearance

Male Procedure

Gynecomastia correction treatment

Gynecomastia Correction

For eliminating “man boobs”

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