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Get a new look and outlook on life with transformative gynecomastia correction

Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa is proud to restore an appearance that exudes confidence and well-being among diverse patients from all walks of life in St. Louis, Missouri, and beyond. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gurley’s expertise in procedures such as gynecomastia surgery cannot be overstated. She abides by the highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, it is not an overstatement to say that this surgical procedure to address excessive breast tissue among men is truly life-changing.  

Transformative and Trusted Care

Gynecomastia, overdeveloped or enlarged breast tissue in male patients, may be caused by hormonal fluctuations, excess weight, certain medications, and have a genetic component. During a consultation, Dr. Gurley will consider the root cause and contributors to excess localized fat or glandular tissue development. Additionally, analysis by another specialist or endocrinologist can get to the bottom of potential hormonal contributors to male breast development. 

If correction at our office is recommended, techniques to remove excess tissue may include liposuction or “excision,” the surgical removal of the breast tissue and skin as needed. 

What to Expect

Surgery for gynecomastia is performed with anesthesia on an outpatient basis. As noted, lipo alone may be adequate to reduce the appearance of excess in the chest area. But, for many patients, the tissue behind the nipple is firm. It can’t be removed by suctioning out the fatty tissue alone using the liposuction technique. We can use excisional and repositioning techniques to remove tissues and alter the areola or nipple for a more natural and attractive male contour. 

Post-operative discomfort is typically short-lived. The minimal pain associated with this treatment often disappears within a couple of days. It is important to follow any instructions provided by our office. Notably, you will wear a compressive surgical garment following surgery. Additionally, certain physical activities and exercise will be restricted for several days. These steps are vital to ensure a speedy recovery and optimal outcomes from treatment. 

Your improved appearance and outlook on life await!

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gurley at our office in Chesterfield today. During your visit, she may also answer any questions about treatment. These include financial considerations. Generally, this life-changing procedure costs about $13,000 to $22,000. Financing through CareCredit® is available. 

Serving the St. Louis, MO area, our team can be reached at (636) 812-4300. Find out how you can benefit from the tremendous artistic talents and skills of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive expertise in tissue contouring. Dr. Gurley can not only reduce excess tissue but also support a more masculine chest shape. 

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