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Breast Fat Grafting – St. Louis

Breast fat grafting is used to add or replace volume in the breasts. This is the most natural way to increase cup size or contour the breasts to achieve the desired shape and fullness. 

Breast fat grafting is ideal for patients who want to use their own body fat to augment instead of a breast implant. Grafted fat can be strategically placed to enhance a particular area of the breast such as the cleavage or upper pole. Grafted fat can also be used in other parts of the body and face to create fullness and a more youthful appearance. This procedure pairs well with breast implants if deficiencies persist such as asymmetries, implant visibility, or ripples. Fat also brings living tissue to the breast, adding growth factors and collagen stimulators, which can help with overall skin integrity.

What You Can Expect


This is a two-step procedure where liposuction is needed to obtain the fat and grafting is needed to place the fat. Breast fat grafting is a powerful tool to naturally increase breast volume or improve upon its shape. This form of breast augmentation allows changes in the breast without the addition of a foreign object for those not wanting a breast implant. Fat grafting into the breast is also a powerful tool for correcting certain types of asymmetries or congenital deformities such as tubular breasts, where part of the breast is lacking in a particular area of the chest. The overall health of the breast and the breast skin is enhanced with this natural form of augmentation. Because only small (½ cup-size to 1 cup-size) increases can be achieved, multiple treatments may be necessary for the desired effect.


The best alternative to fat grafting is breast augmentation with implants, which are sterile, silicone-lined devices filled with either silicone or saline. Breast implants are more predictable for achieving larger augmentations but less predictable in delivering smaller more refined augmentations.


Since liposuction is used to obtain the fat, the donor areas will undergo temporary swelling and bruising. The breasts will also be bruised and swollen for several weeks. Support garments will provide comfort and speed up recovery. Patients can resume full activities in 4-6 weeks.


Anyone who desires a subtle increase in breast size, has certain asymmetries or deformities, and does not wish to have a foreign object implanted can be a good candidate for breast fat grafting. Great candidates also desire a part of their body to be slimmed down with the necessary liposuction, which is needed to obtain the fat.

Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Breast fat grafting naturally adds fullness to the breast in areas most desired by the patient. The advantage over breast implants is that the fat can be concentrated in specific areas if needed to correct imperfections or asymmetries. Fat grafting can add suppleness to the breast in areas desired by the patient, such as the cleavage or upper pole. This procedure pairs well with breast-lifting, correction of tubular breasts, or contour deformities. An added benefit to breast fat grafting is the liposuction that is welcomed in areas of unwanted fat. Dr. Gurley says, “This form of breast augmentation brings volume enhancement to the breast without the concern of implant surveillance and implant replacement.” Breast exams and mammograms are still recommended for women over 35.

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