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No one will know. Everyone will notice.™

Breast Augmentation – St. Louis

Dr. Gurley’s breast augmentation surgery results are natural and beautiful. With over 25 years of experience, she has been helping women gain the freedom to wear what they want to wear, to do what they want to do, and to be who they want to be. Dr. Gurley says, ”What is gained with a breast augmentation procedure is so much more than an implant, its peacefulness and gratefulness.” When the breasts are “enhanced” the whole body comes into balance thus creating an artistic transformation.” Dr. Gurley’s beautiful work stems from her intense attention to detail as well as her keen visual eye. She will always keep in mind your physical stature and proportions in everything that she does. When Dr. Gurley enhances your breasts, you can expect larger, fuller results that look and feel natural, so “No one will know, but Everyone will notice.™” Using safe, smooth FDA-approved breast implants, your dream will become your reality.

Whether you have always had small or misshapen breasts, or you lost breast tissue from aging, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, breast implants will complement you by bringing your figure back into balance.

Once you partner with Dr. Gurley, you will realize the level of thought and care that goes into everything she does. Dr. Gurley will take time to listen to you, to understand your expectations, to examine you, and to help you visualize the possibilities. As she assimilates all of this important information, she will then present a thoughtful recommendation to you. Her acute aesthetic eye sets her apart and is the reason why so many patients have entrusted her with their care. Come see the Gurley Difference!

What You Can Expect

ProcedureWhat does the procedure entail?

Breast augmentation can be performed with an implant, with your own body fat, or with both. During breast implant placement, a small incision is placed below the breast. The breast implant is placed in a position either above or below the muscle to give a natural and long-lasting outcome. To add volume to the breast with your own body fat, liposuction is performed elsewhere on your body and that fat is transferred to the breasts. The surgery itself is performed on an outpatient basis under sedation and takes about an hour to complete. Dr. Gurley has perfected her technique to allow patients to drive and return to work as early as the next day.

Alternatives Are there any alternatives?

We believe our patients do better when they learn all the facts surrounding a procedure, so we make it our mission to listen, teach, and answer questions.

Alternatives to breast augmentation are fat grafting and breast lifts. Dr. Gurley will consult with you individually to determine which procedure is right for you.

RecoveryWhat can I expect?

Dr. Gurley’s patients often say, “Breast augmentation recovery was easier than I thought.”
That’s because there are no drains, no pain pumps, no binding and no stitches that need to be removed. Dr. Gurley’s patients are off pain medication within 24 hours and can return to their normal daily routines. This includes showering, driving, and returning to work. Dr. Gurley will also provide you with a few simple post-operative movements you can do to reduce stiffness and promote faster healing. Sports and exercise are not recommended for several weeks after a breast augmentation.

Our patients are so much more knowledgeable today than ever before, and it’s a pleasure to hear their thoughtful questions and help them move forward with a procedure they have been considering for quite some time. We have the before and after care down to a science. Our patients know they are in good hands from the minute they contact us to years after the procedure. We take responsibility for helping our patients make good decisions and get the very best outcomes possible.

CandidatesWho is a good candidate?

You may consider breast augmentation or breast implants if:
you have small, underdeveloped, misshapen, or uneven breasts, your breasts have lost their shape due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or the natural aging process, you are in good health and are not currently pregnant or nursing.

There’s been lots of publicity about breast implants in the media lately. Look to us for the most recent, accurate information with regards to breast implant safety. Dr. Gurley has been in practice for over 25 years and fully understands the benefits and risks of any operation she performs. She loves to teach and inform her patients in order to empower them to make the right decisions. Do you want Dr. Gurley’s opinion? She would love to meet with you so that you can decide if breast augmentation is right for you.

CostWhat is the cost for Breast Augmentation?

The cost for breast augmentation surgery usually falls within this range, however you will receive an exact cost when you meet with Dr. Gurley. This range is dependent upon the symmetry of your breasts.

  • $11,000-$14,000

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Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

When choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, it’s important to understand a surgeon’s background and training, their experience with particular operations, and most importantly, their outcomes. You can begin this process by reviewing the types of procedures a surgeon highlights on their website. You can also investigate the quantity and quality of the before and after gallery. Dr. Gurley is adept at replacing, removing, and revising implants. She’s experienced in combining procedures to fit each patient’s needs. She has extensive experience with a wide variety of breast procedures, including breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and asymmetry correction. She will carefully consider your body and your goals, recommending a unique solution built exclusively for you.

As you consider breast augmentation, you should choose a doctor who uses smooth breast implants for the best results. Dr. Gurley has chosen only smooth breast implants for her patients for over 25 years. Dr. Gurley has extensive surgical experience and is known for breast implants that are feminine, attractive, and tasteful.

As evidenced by her prolific work in her before and after gallery, Dr. Gurley delivers consistently natural and beautiful results. Her unparalleled attention to safety and precision means that every surgery is performed to meticulous standards. With highly-trained staff, intentional aftercare, and years of surgical experience, Dr. Gurley provides her patients with stunning results that will last a lifetime.

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