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Breast Augmentation and Lift – St. Louis

A breast augmentation combined with a breast lift will help reshape, enlarge, and lift the breasts all in one surgery. It is chosen by patients who are looking for an increase in breast size as well as an improvement in the overall shape and positioning of their breasts. Whether you have always had small breasts or you lost breast tissue from aging, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, a breast augmentation and lift will help bring your figure into balance.

What You Can Expect

ProcedureWhat does the procedure entail?

Combining a breast augmentation and lift will produce an incision around the areola and possibly elsewhere on the breast in order to lift, tighten, and improve the shape and size of the breast. Breast augmentation and lift can be performed with an implant, with your own body fat, or with both. During breast implant placement, a small incision is placed below the breast. The breast implant is placed in a position either above or below the muscle to give a natural and long-lasting outcome. To add volume to the breast with your own body fat, liposuction is performed elsewhere on your body and that fat is transferred to the breasts. The surgery itself is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

Alternatives Are there any alternatives?

The primary alternatives to a breast augmentation and lift is wearing a thickly padded bra or limiting the procedure to either augmentation or lift in isolation. Fat grafting is also becoming a very popular way to augment the breast using the patient’s own fat reserves.

RecoveryWhat can I expect?

In most cases, no pumps, drains, binding or wrapping are required. Most patients are off pain medication within 24 hours and can return to their normal daily routines. This includes showering, driving, and returning to work. Dr. Gurley will also provide you with a few simple post-operative movements you can do to reduce stiffness and promote faster healing. Sports and exercise are not recommended for 6 weeks after the surgery.

CandidatesWho is a good candidate?

You may consider breast augmentation or breast implants if:

You have small, underdeveloped, or uneven breasts.

Your breasts have lost their shape due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or the natural aging process.

You are in good health and are not currently pregnant or nursing.

CostWhat is the approximate cost for Breast Augmentation with Lift?

The cost for breast augmentation with lift surgery usually falls within this range, however you will receive an exact cost when you meet with Dr. Gurley.

  • $16,000-$24,000

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Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Dr. Gurley has provided breast augmentation and lifts to hundreds of women in her practice. Instead of performing two operations requiring two anesthetics and two recovery periods, Dr. Gurley is able to achieve consistent, safe, and beautiful results with one operation. Dr. Gurley works with each patient individually to determine the overall outcome while keeping in mind stature, physical structure, and proportions. Patients can expect larger, fuller breasts that are lifted but still natural in appearance.

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