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Breast Asymmetry Correction
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Breast Asymmetry Correction – St. Louis

Women whose breasts are different shapes or sizes may want to consider a surgical correction. Each patient is evaluated carefully to determine which approach or combination of approaches is necessary to yield the most beautiful and proportionate result. Dr. Gurley’s background in adolescent plastic surgery at Washington University Children’s Hospital affords her the foundation to best understand the complexities of these issues. Adolescent girls in particular benefit from this life-altering surgery to remove the stigma and embarrassment of having uneven breast sizes.

What You Can Expect

ProcedureWhat does the procedure entail?

The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be able to return home on the same day. Dr. Gurley will often recommend a combined approach to get the best symmetry possible.

RecoveryWhat can I expect?

Following surgery, there is no limitation on range of motion of the arms or showering. You may drive and resume normal activities within 24 hours. We recommend that you refrain from running, jogging or any strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks.

CandidatesWho is a good candidate?

You may want to consider this procedure if:

You may consider this surgery if one breast is much larger or much smaller than the other, or if you have a noticeable difference in breast size, shape or position.

CostWhat is the approximate cost for Asymmetry Correction?

The cost for breast asymmetry correction surgery usually falls within this range, however you will receive an exact cost when you meet with Dr. Gurley.

  • $14,000-$24,000

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Real Results

Real Artistic Outcomes

Patients who see Dr. Gurley for breast asymmetry experience a range of benefits from the procedure. Women with asymmetry often find that traditional bras do not fit them, and they have to be very selective about what they can and cannot wear. Often, there are many options when dealing with asymmetry. We ask lots of questions and find out your ideal goal. Dr. Gurley will counsel you regarding the safety of different options and will suggest what procedure or combination of procedures may be your best and safest option.

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